The first thing we do before pushing record or starting work on the script is meet up with you for a Free Video Evaluation to discuss your objectives and figure out the best way to go about reaching them. Once that's all figured out we'll know which video style will work effectively with the marketing strategy, and then the writing the script and everything else can begin.

Different Video Styles?

Kinetic Text Video

AKA Explainer Videos, are the perfect entry into business web videos. They can be used across multiple platforms: mobile devices, websites, displays. And can grab people’s attention even without sound, which make them perfect for quiet waiting areas and street window displays.

Motion Graphics Video

Use not only text, but also images and graphic elements to get your message across, providing much more freedom in the visual scope of what can be achieved. Which when combined with a voice over and a great music track can portray any concept in an engaging way.

Screen Capture Video

Exist to help maximise your user’s experience. Whether you’re business is web based, a mobile app, or a computer program, a web video education series can tutor your users through your software. Both to heighten user experience levels, as well as minimise the amount of time you have to spend dealing with user troubleshooting. See how you can lighten your after sales support.

Using your video

Video Channel Setup

If you've got a video then you will most likely want to put it up on Youtube as it's the second biggest search engine on earth. And if you're new to video, you will might need help setting one up to showcase it. We will create a Youtube Channel with your logo and set it up ready to use. We can also set up other video channels too.

Video Posting & Optimisation

After setting up your account, we'll then show you how to upload your videos to your channel. In order to help Youtube serve your video to the right people, it has to be optimised, because unless you input the right information Youtube can only guess as to what your video is about.

Video Marketing Tutoring

Besides all the mechanics of getting your video up on Youtube, the next step is to use the video in your marketing. While the question how you embed it into your website is important, where to embed is even more so, just like how you go about posting it on social media. So we'll give you some tips and tricks on that as well as other so you can get the most out of video content marketing.

Video Content Advertising

If you want to give your video a bit of a boost and you don't have a celebrity friend willing to pimp it out for you, then you may have to pay to get a nice kick. There are various ways to do this, directly in Youtube, through a Facebook post, or a native advertising platform such as Outbrain. If you are considering this option then make sure to tell us in the initial consult as it can impact on the best way to create the video.